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Charles Loch Memorial Award Winner 2011

IPA-D.com and Joe Frey was named the 2011 Charles Loch Memorial Award Winner!
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I have made lighting layout and design my career for over 20 years, starting as a Photometric Applications Engineer.

After working as a Territory Sales Manager and Product Marketing Manager I founded IPA-D.com. IPA-D.com is a company of Independent Photometric Application and Design engineers that has been going strong since January of 2010. We work to provide the best and most reliable photometric analysis in the industry both to Manufacturers and Manufacturers Representatives for their customers.

Our goal is to provide a service to you, which is an appropriate photometric design that meets your needs and requirements in a timely manner. This is provided without all of the in-house costs and overhead.

What We Do

We provide application engineering services for all lighting projects whether commercial, industrial or residential, indoor and outdoor. Just tell us what is required by filling out a simple one page information sheet and that is what you will receive.

Slow economic times helped make our company essential to help make every dollar you have count by supplying a service in which you only pay for the time & information your project needs without all the other expenses. However even with an improving economy, saving those dollars for our customers will go right to the bottom line in improving their worth.

Go ahead... give us a try! Send us a project to quote you today! You will see that our team approach and experience gets the work completed and out the door to you in a timely fashion and at a lower cost to you.

What We Don't Do

We don't compete with lighting designers, architects or electrical engineers for the end users work. We will work with those entities instead to help them bridge extremes in work flow or save in overhead.

Otherwise we work with manufacturers, manufacturers’ representative, or any entity needing the best photometric design for their project at an affordable price.

Joe Frey
Founder and President, IPA-D.com